A total of 12 dictionaries are being released for lesser known languages of India by the Hon'ble Vice President of India on 13th July, 2019, the day marking the start of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Central Institue of Indian Languages.

The languages covered are as follows: Diranga, Gahri, Gutob-Gadaba, Hakkipikki, Lamkang, Malayan, Manda, Sanenyo, Siddi, Soliga, Bhunjia, Bondo. A brief profile for these langauges can be found here.

These language spoken by small language communities often surrounded by other major languages. Given that these languages do not have a writing system of its own, the entries are made first in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).

Given that it is not easy to type in IPA, the facility of searching the words in IPA is not there. However, headwords are also given in different locally prominent scripts. For example, words in the Manda dictionary, a language spoken in the state of Odisha, be searched by its corresponding meaning in English and Odia. For example, you can search the word 'dog' in English and 'କୁକୁର' in Odia. Additionally, the words of that language can also be searched in the scripts of Odia, Devanagari.

The goal of these dictionaries is to promote these langauges by way of making these languages available for some proliferation.